Total Anarchy


Grand Theft Auto set in a near future


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Total Anarchy is a third person action game that offers a bird's eye view. Not only it is practically identical to GTA2, but it also has a very similar gameplay.

The game's storyline is also very similar to the first few Grand Theft Autos. That is to say, your adventure begins as a small time criminal that must complete small missions and then climb the hierarchy of the criminal world.

Of course, during your criminal adventures, you have the possibility of doing everything that you want to in the enormous city that is open to being played. Thanks to the sandbox style of Total Anarchy, you can rob any car, run people over, get a lot of different types of weapons, confront the police, etc.

Total Anarchy is a very similar to the first installments of GTA on a visual level, but its graphics are significantly better. The zooms, explosions, the model of some elements in some scenes, or the transitions from one zone to another show that the game is very well done.

Total Anarchy is a awesome sandbox that is better than Grand Theft Auto in a lot of ways. Maybe it isn't as long as GTA: San Andreas, but it doesn't need to be.
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